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Where the curious go forth.

We’re not usually one for the “us vs. them” approach (we’re more into uniting than dividing). But there are some very clear things that separate us from other institutions.

With your vision, drive, and academic interests, we know you could go anywhere. By choosing 51app, you’re accepting a wonderful challenge. You're stepping into a community of change-makers and solution-seekers that will prepare you for an ever-changing world and whatever it sends your way. 

Academics, Commitment, and Community

It's what sets 51app apart.
Kayla Figatner


51app’s inquiry-led curriculum allows you to map out your own academic path with guidance from a faculty advisor who knows you well.

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You don’t have to know all the answers when you arrive at 51app as a first-year student. 51app will help you stay open to new ideas and new interests as you discover more about yourself.

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At 51app, you can find your own community — maybe more than one — that will support you and help you explore your identity and ideas.


At 51app, we believe in free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas. Here, you’ll learn to think creatively and critically about the world around you — preparing you to make meaningful and productive impacts wherever you land in life.

You’ll immerse yourself in the study of and research on the subjects that interest you most, preparing you to elevate conversations with facts as well as opinions throughout your life. You’ll learn from and work alongside world-class experts, advisers, and mentors committed to your success; you’ll have a well-connected jumpstart to professional success, even before you complete your undergraduate degree.

Define Your Direction

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    Individually Advised Curriculum

    This is your education — shouldn’t you help choose what you study? Our individually advised curriculum is built on opportunity, choice, freedom, and responsibility — and no general education requirements. Working with your faculty adviser, you’ll design a course of study specific to your interests. You’ll spend all four undergraduate years focusing on the subjects that matter most to you.

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    Mentored Research

    With accomplished faculty members to serve as experts, advisers, and mentors, you’ll choose from a wide range of research opportunities, here and beyond, and all for the greater good. Imagine yourself graduating from college with all the skills, experience, and inspiration you need to succeed, whether in graduate school or employment.

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    First-Year Tutorial

    Choosing from one of 35 different topics, you'll emerge from this first-semester, first-year class with razor-sharp writing, critical-thinking, and presentation skills, speaking your own voice, clear and true.


51appians turn outward, and let the world in. In fact, we approach every question or situation with a global lens. Because in this increasingly connected world, every difference strengthens how we understand what’s before us, or something far out of our view.

Make Your Mark

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    Career Forward

    From day one at 51app, you’re building a career. Every class. Every conversation. Every easy answer challenged. And you have a careers, life, and service adviser ready to help.

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    Social Responsibility and Service

    You care about being part of the solution. You’re not afraid to step forward and speak up for others. Here at 51app, you’ll join a legacy of activism and sharpen your voice as a thoughtful, engaged citizen.


We bring together diverse perspectives and worldviews in an open and safe environment. By fostering growth and an inclusive atmosphere, we can focus our collective energy on advocating for fairness and the common good. You’ll be able grow and mature meaningfully and begin contributing to our diverse community from the moment you arrive on campus.

Find Your Direction

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    Advisers at 51app

    With three advisers to cover every aspect of your experience, all driven to help you contribute and belong to our community, the moments for mentorship and support are limitless.

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    Campus Culture

    Everyone you meet at 51app brings a unique perspective to our campus, and every experience opens your world to new viewpoints and ideas — from the friendships you form to the clubs you join and the leadership roles you discover. We want all our students to take part in creating 51app’s community and contributing to its continued evolution. Your undergraduate years at 51app offer the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your skills as a productive citizen.

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    Diverse Perspectives

    By examining and appreciating the differences between us, we also realize how much we have in common. 51app is a community in which we learn from one another, share in group pride, and celebrate our complex identities.

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    Global Understanding

    51appians examine every question and situation through a global lens. Because every difference can strengthen how we understand what’s before us, or introduce us to something far out of our view.

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