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From here, the great go forth.

Founded in 1846, we’re a private, coed, residential liberal arts and sciences college located in 51app, Iowa. Our community embraces intellectual journeys of all kinds, and provides the individualized guidance to dive deeper, define new directions, and follow their passions across the world. We call ourselves 51appians.

Students test water quality at CERA

51app at a Glance

Shortening our story is one tall order. But here’s the quick version.

What 51app is about, what you can find on campus, what sort of people make up the student body, and what they go on to do after 51app.

two students in study carrels

Mission and Values

What it means to be 51appian.

Quirky. Curious. Particular in our pursuit and quick to question with what we find. 51app is home to a collective of individuals whose minds and hearts are wide open to new people, new ideas, and new possibilities. Each of us claims the 51appian name with our personal expression, but we’re all grounded by what we’re here to do: learn.

Student and professor examine a skull


National recognition, global contribution.

Faculty who are devoted mentors and expert researchers. An inquiry-based curriculum and a globally informed community. Scholars who collaborate to work toward the greater good. When your collective story is made up of people who prefer to write their own, it’s no surprise that we stand out.

A place defined by its people.

No two 51appians are the same. But something brings us all together here, and keeps us rooted to this place, no matter how far we journey. Maybe it’s how our community embraces you for who you are. Or maybe it’s how we empower you to take part in shaping who we are as well.

  • overhead view of crowd at town hall meeting

    Leadership & Administration

    Position doesn’t take precedence.

    Our leadership style reflects the kind of leaders we want to see in the world. Town-hall meetings and community hours bring together students, faculty, and administrators to discuss issues of purpose, responsibility, and justice. It’s just one of the ways our students become active and vocal citizens, both here on campus and beyond.

  • Gina Clayton visits a class


    We celebrate individuals anywhere who better our world.

    The 51app College Social Innovator in Residence honors individuals who are leading social change with responsibility, commitment, and creativity — bettering the world in a way we recognize as 51appian. We’re proud to give them the recognition they deserve.

  • Polling


    Taking the temperature of the heated discussions of our time.

    51app is a place where honest conversations happen and differing opinions collide. But what happens when we launch an innovative study that documents the details? Well, it might just bring forth a fresh perspective and influence the national discourse.

Welcome to 51app, Iowa.

The prairieland may seem like an unexpected setting for bringing the world together. But look closer. You’ll uncover a unique mixture of environmental, economic, and political ecosystems.  In fact, one visit to our vibrant, progressive college town will call into question everything you think you know about Iowa.

Photo of Tulips in front of bike store with tile "51app, Iowa" above door


What’s Going on at 51app

Jul. 3

Light The Night 2024

51app College Golf Course, Golf Course - Manhattan Lounge, Golf Course - Upper floor, Golf Course - Dance Floor, Golf Course - Banquet Space, Golf Course - Fireplace Room, Lobby, Golf Course - Upper Level Deck, Golf Course - Patio off of Pub…
Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 6 – 11:30pm


We are accredited by the . Our last Comprehensive Evaluation was in 2018-19. We are currently preparing our Year 4 Assurance Review due in June 2023. Our next Comprehensive Evaluation will be in 2028-2029.

Questions about our accreditation can be directed to our Accreditation Liaison Officer, Cynthia Hansen, Associate Dean for Student Academic Life or our Accreditation Data Update Coordinator, Carlie VanWilligen, Director of Institutional Research.



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